Our company is focused on the field of water resources, adopting the principles of sustainable development and rational water resources management.

SEEMAN provides a great range of integrated services for any kind of hydraulic work, as well as any activity related to saving, management and protection of water resources. Moreover, our company offers services related to natural hazards such as droughts and floods.

By adopting the principles of multi-criteria analysis and implementing state-of-the art efficient technologies in the field of water resources, our company provides optimal solutions to any relative problem.

In more detail, SEEMAN provides services in the following sectors:

  • Sustainable water resources management
  • Collection, transfer, treatment and distribution of water resources
  • Innovative services for water loss reduction in hydraulic networks
  • Water saving technologies in agriculture and tourism
  • Irrigation projects
  • Natural water treatment systems
  • Remediation of contaminated water systems using natural means
  • Collection, transfer, treatment and discharge of wastewater
  • Sewage networks
  • Assessment of natural hazards and proactive planning
  • Anti-flooding protection