Seeman’s main goal is to become an active cell of research, innovation and development in Europe in the fields of water resources, environment, energy and climate change.
Till today our human resources have participated, either as scientific leaders or partners, in a great number of European research programmes.

Some of them are:

  • Drought Effects in Vegetation and Soil Degradation in the Mediterranean Countries (EPOCH – ΕU)
  • European Soil Erosion Model (STEP – EU)
  • Mediterranean Drought Preparedness and Mitigation Planning – MEDROPLAN (EU)
  • Drought and Desertification in the Mediterranean Basin – SEDEMED II (EU)
  • Proactive Management of Water Systems to face drought and water scarcity in islands and coastal areas of the Mediterranean – PRODIM (Interreg IIIΒ – Archimed – EU)
  • Disaster Management, GIS with emphasis on cultural sites – DISMA (ΝΟΕ, EU)
  • LITTORISK – Proactive assessment of risk against natural hazards in locations of cultural interest in coastal areas (ΝΟΕ, EU)
  • PM4WAT – Preventive Maintenance For Water Utility Networks (Leonardo da Vinci – EU)
  • Fresh Water Demand and Use (TECHWARE – SAST MONITOR – EU)
  • Drought-related vulnerability and risk assessment of groundwater resources in Belgium – GroWaDRISK (BELSPO – Belgium)
  • Urban planning programme for sustainable management of water resources in North Dodecanese (Greek Ministry of National Economy / EU – ΙNTERREG II)
  • Development of rainwater collection technology in small catchments of Aegean islands (Integrated Mediterranean Programme – Greek Ministry of Aegean)
  • Software development for Flood Risk (FLAS) (East Attica Prefecture)
  • Concentration, assessment and graphical presentation of hydrographic and hydrological information of Greece (Greek Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology)
  • Development of methodology for instant use of rainwater in small catchments (General Secretariat of Research and Technology / Greek Ministry of Development)

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